Turning data into opportunities

The Energy Configurator evaluates your opportunities to change the energy mix of your business to your advantage, to reduce the ecological footprint, and to significantly reduce your energy expenses.
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Energy Configurator

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The Energy Configurator is a free, databased service that uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate potential energy savings and CO₂ reduction. The results will show a system setup to meet your specific goals and suggest changes to your current energy mix.

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Knowing the energy consumption of your enterprise is easy. To draw the right conclusions from collected data and to take the appropriate steps to optimize consumption and reduce emissions – that’s exactly what we designed the Energy Configurator for.

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Local energy solutions

Find the best strategy to tackle costs, security of supply, and CO₂ reduction

Turning challenges into long-term calculable variables in the business procedure of energy consumers: a local energy solution, designed by Siemens experts, enables targeted use of renewable energy, combined heating and power stations, storage solutions, and even local resilience or full grid independence. Clean energy generation or hybrid systems, improved energy efficiency, and data analytics ultimately lead to cost savings and less environmental impact.