EcoTransparency in power grid products

Benefit from increased EcoTransparency

EcoTransparency for eco-friendlier energy. With EcoTransparency, Siemens provides full transparency in products, systems, and solutions for smart grids. Innovative “blue” products, compliance with environmental standards, and documentation of environmental performance help you protect the climate.
Energy and environmental protection

The long road to CO₂-neutral power supply

We have begun to turn away from CO₂-intense energy sources, but it will take a long time until we are finally able to offer CO₂-neutral solutions. What we mainly need today are knowledge and data about the deployed products and their environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle. We also require innovative products that help make the supply with power more sustainable. It is important to ensure the transparency and clarity of environmental activities. All relevant effects have to be recorded, analyzed, and minimized.

Sustainable development and corporate responsibility

Company managers are facing complex challenges. They have to ensure the safety of their own staff and of the users of the supplied products. They also have to document the environmental performance of their products and develop sustainability strategies.

Where EcoTransparency starts

Sustainability standards

Companies and politicians are focusing on sustainability based on applicable safety and environmental standards. Compliance with these standards is a top priority for Siemens at all times. To achieve the perfect balance between the three dimensions of people, environment, and business success, Siemens offers eco-transparency through documentation packages for smart grid products.

Protecting people and the environment

Siemens’ passion for technologies drives our efforts to set standards and create added value over the long term – for our customers, for society, and for each individual. The environmental documentation provides transparency regarding the reduction of CO₂ emissions, environmentally friendly materials, and the optimized lifespan of products, solutions, and systems from Siemens.

Making manufacturing eco-transparent

Energy-efficiency in practice

Reducing energy consumption and CO₂ emissions as well as achieving eco-transparency are current challenges that companies are facing today. Siemens practices eco-transparency in its own locations and uses innovative technologies, solutions, and products. Our customers thus also benefit from our experience with EcoTransparency.
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Green is not enough – deliberately dispensing with artificially produced gases

blue products meet the highest demands

Power distribution is going blue. We support our customers on their way to climate neutrality. Our requirements for blue products go far beyond current safety and environmental standards. That’s why blue is much more than just an environmental label: It is pointing the way toward the ecological future of energy.

Our blue portfolio stands for the utmost performance, safety, and economic efficiency with a minimal environmental footprint.

It makes it possible to expand or modernize power distribution systems while significantly improving the sustainability of these systems. The insulating medium in our SF6-free gas-insulated switchgear is Clean Air. It consists of the components of ambient air and is free of fluorinated gases and chemical additives. The switching principle of this switchgear is based on proven and reliable vacuum switching technology.


In addition, the fluorine gas-free systems ensure high security of investment for our customers and easy system handling throughout the entire product life cycle. All the advantages of conventional SF6 gas-insulated switchgear , such as low space requirements, a long service life, maximum availability, and the extensive independence from external influences during operation, are retained.


The following three graphics show the lifecycle assessment: CO2 footprint of a SF6 gas-insulated switchgear (SF6 GIS) compared to a blue GIS during the complete product lifecycle. 

blue criteria

blue products go beyond the common standards

For Siemens to classify a product as “blue,” it has to meet a series of strict criteria. Our environmental protection and sustainability requirements are listed below.

A full set of documentation

  • LCA (life cycle analysis):
    Systematic analysis of the environmental impact of products throughout their entire life cycle.
  • Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH):
    EU regulation for registering, evaluating, authorizing, and restricting chemicals.
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS):
    The EU directive 2011/65/EU is used to restrict certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic devices in order to keep them out of electrical scrap.
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Material declaration REACH/RoHS

blue product portfolio

The latest products in the blue portfolio

The products in the Siemens blue portfolio combine high-tech performance with environmentally safe materials and work procedures. Below is an overview.

blue technology in practise

Siemens’ blue portfolio combines highest performance and best environmental compatibility. Here’s our technology in practise.


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