Low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology

Innovative solutions for industrial controls and power distribution

In ensuring smooth operation of digital production environments and in the construction and operation of industrial or commercial buildings, the underlying power distribution and industrial controls are decisive: SIRIUS, SENTRON, SIVACON, and ALPHA provide a broad portfolio of systems and components for this purpose that can be used for standard-compliant, requirement-based electrification. Efficient engineering tools and cloud-based solutions are part of the portfolio, which you can flexibly adapt to your specific requirements over the entire value-added process. 


Low-voltage systems

Low-voltage components

Low-voltage components - SENTRON

Our components ensure a fail-safe power supply and can be integrated seamlessly into holistic energy efficiency concepts and into building and industrial automation. Professional software and data enable efficient, standard-compliant planning and error-free configuration and documentation.


Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls - SIRIUS

For starting, protecting, switching, commanding, signaling, monitoring, and responding: The SIRIUS portfolio is divided into four mutually reinforcing domains that cover every possible industrial control application.


Software and Digitalization for low voltage power distribution

Continuous data, continuous communication and intelligent software solutions and applications ensure efficient, safe and reliable power distribution - from planning and commissioning to ongoing operation. 

Solutions and information for

Planning agencies

Planning agencies

Planning that sets you apart – our offering is just the support you need for this: Reliable, safe and efficient power supply due to planning tools, design advice and an ideal combination of data and products.

EPC and general contractor

EPC and General contractor

Projects that are absolutely compelling – despite increasing complexity, time and cost pressure, and rising expectations in terms of quality, scope of services, and lifecycle costs. Our concepts and tools for electrical power distribution smooth the way for you.


Panel builders

Panel builders

We help you to come up with an optimum solution for growing requirements for panel building over the entire value added process. Find out more about our offering and knowledge about industrial controls and power distribution boards.

Electrical installation engineers

Electrical installation engineers

Find out how electrical installation in buildings is being transformed by new loads, applications, and standards. The SENTRON protection concept offers you reliable, easy to install and space-saving solutions for complete protection of people, buildings and plants. 

Electrical wholesale trade

Siemens and the electrical wholesale trade – strong partners

For many years, Siemens has been working in a relationship of trust with many national and international partners all over the world. Together, new challenges are taken up and solutions and service offerings are developed based on a strong partnership. The end users benefit from this as much as they do from increased market presence and product availability.

Operating companies

Operating companies

Integrated, application-specific functions, such as pump cleaning, dry-running protection, automatic parameterization as startup behavior changes, but also integrated characteristics, such as electrical robustness to fluctuating line voltages, support smooth operation in the most varied applications.

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