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SWYFT offers an integrated software application connecting customers and service engineers, supporting task management to ensure the quick and seamless problem-solving process 
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SWYFT is available for both Website version and Mobile Application version:

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Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the App:

For public

A:  SWYFT is constructed on a Secured Domain, running on a secured AWS server system.

A:  On your respective login page, click “Forget Password?” to recover your password via your registered email address.

A:  No, the operator or site engineer must be the person who sends the service request.

A:   Users may invite other parties to connect with them via SWYFT.

STEP 1 - Use the other party's email address to invite them to connect with you on SWYFT

STEP 2 - Select the "Customer HQ" or "Service Partner" tab

STEP 3 - Click "Invite Customer“ or "Invite Service Partner"

A:  "Contract Management" is a free function where Customers and Service Providers can input the details of their service agreement(s) on SWYFT.

For customers

A:  The definition of the severity of service requests depends on the service agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider.

A: After being assigned to the suitable engineer by Service Manager, the service jobs need to be confirmed within 5 minutes. If not, the service jobs would be allocated to another engineer to ensure that customer's problems would be addressed as soon as possible.  

For engineers

A: Service engineers will need to update their availability status accordingly under "Settings" in the SWYFT Engineer mobile app.  There is no automatic "Online" function.

A: Service engineers may attach the hardcopy of their task log after the service job is completed.

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