Managing Board Members

Franz Wiehler Chief Financial Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa

Franz has worked in Siemens since 1993 in various positions, among others as CFO of the global Business Units Audio Navigation, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, and Ultra­sound in California, USA, and as Vice President Finance Asia Pacific for the Laboratory Diagnostics Division out of Singapore.

Following these operational business responsibilities, he has spent close to ten years in Internal Audit, supporting Siemens’ Digital Industries business, with a focus to drive change in a multitude of operational areas as well as on compliance topics, such that he has gained a particular interest in anti-corruption compliance. For the last two years, Franz has furthermore championed the corporate initiative Project Business Excellence.

In addition to his Masters in Business Administration, Wiehler qualified as a mediator. In his passion to drive diversity, he has founded an initiative dedicated to fostering diversity of mind and speak up culture and to improving conflict culture in Siemens.