Siemens Sub-Saharan Africa : Executive Management

Lucia Ndlovu for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Engineer at heart who is passionate about driving a systemic approach to continuous improvements through collaboration. Lucia obtained her BSc. Eng at the University of Kwazulu Natal in 2001. She then went on to complete her MBA, through the University of Cape Town in 2010. Lucia is currently Enrolled for her Doctorate of Business Administration at the International School of Management in Paris.

Lucia has held several leadership positions in different sectors such as municipalities, food, and beverages, petrochemical, FMCG, manufacturing, consulting, oil, and gas as well as project management. Her expertise includes engineering management, integrated business system management, project management as well as general business governance.

Lucia started at Siemens Pty Ltd as Corporate Quality management head in September 2017, her responsibilities included but were not limited to ensuring all requirements of the various ISO systems are established, implemented, and maintained, Management of Siemens Quality Management Systems, Management of SHEQ system IT tools, Branch QMS Governance, Supplier Audits, internal audits, Awareness training etc.

In October 2019, in addition to her previous role, Lucia became the Acting EHS country officer, her responsibilities included ensuring ISO systems were established, Implementation of the EHS management system, EHS Stakeholder Management, Execution of EHS Strategy for Siemens. Audit planning and execution, COIDA compliance, Legal compliance, Legal Compliance to OHS Act, Drive EHS related programs and initiatives to name a few.

In August 2020, Lucia was appointed as Executive director of Siemens Pty Ltd.

Lucia is passionate about leadership through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Lucia has a strong passion for embracing environmental sustainability within society.