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Smart infrastructure from Siemens makes the world a more connected and caring place – where resources are valued, where impact on the world is considered, where sustainable energy is delivered reliably and efficiently.

Creating Environment that care.

Smart Infrastructure from Siemens South Africa provides the flexible infrastructure that allows society to evolve and respond to changing conditions. We do this from the macro to the micro level, from physical products, components and systems to connected, cloud-based digital offerings and services. Siemens offers a broad portfolio of grid control and automation; low- and medium-voltage power distribution, switching and control; as well as building automation, fire safety and security, HVAC control and energy solutions.
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Isn't it time for change?

We believe the time is now.

Time to accelerate digital transformation together – to do more with less.


Join us on June 29 to explore how to unlock the potential of digital transformation. A change that will boost sustainability, efficiency and resiliency to tackle the challenges of our time.


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