Siemens at Enlit Africa

7 - 9 June 2022  at the CTICC, Cape Town , South Africa. Hall 4 - booth D109b
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Join Siemens South Africa at Enlit Africa 2022

Africa's premier meeting place for the entire power, energy and water value chain. This year we're excited to engage with you on how we can collaboratively accelerate the African energy transition.

Accelerating the African energy transition

The challenges and opportunities of energy systems require a new smart, more adaptive grid infrastructure. Operating power grids today is a complex task: Volatile power generation and multidirectional power flows from distributed, increasingly renewable sources and prosumers call for a smarter approach. With digital solutions that connect the physical and digital worlds, we are integrating intelligence into the energy value chain, in systems and operations.


Find out how you can boost the African energy transition along these three core topics:

Grid stability and resilience

The reliability of power supply is more important than ever - at all voltage levels, from the grid infeed all the way to the consumer. Above all, the management of a growing number of prosumers brings new challenges. More and more households, buildings and industries are feeding electricity into the distribution system. IT-supported solutions create the necessary transparency for active load management and make it easier to balance the grid. Our solutions help ensure grid stability and create highly resilient power systems that recover immediately from disruptive events and adapt to impending threats and hazards.

  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Advanced distribution grid management
  • Smart energy automation solutions
  • Smart communication solutions
  • Data analytics and IoT applications
  • Reliable, efficient and future-proof power supply concepts
  • Solutions that meet both technical as well as economical targets 
  • Compliance with regulation and latest industry standards
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Significant increase of availability, efficiency and sustainability of the entire power system as well as improved safety for service personnel

Spectrum Power™ Advanced Distribution Management (ADMS)

Sustainability needs intelligence. Spectrum Power™ ADMS is built on a modular approach with applications servicing all voltage levels from HV down to LV.

  • Integrated DER management: monitoring, forecasting, optimization and control for the secure integration of distributed generation
  • Integrated Outage Management/ Prediction from SCADA events, smart meters & customer calls
  • Seamless IT integration and easy extension for regulatory changes
  • In-depth situation awareness with 2D/3D visualization

Customer benefits:

  • Increasing network efficiency and reliability of supply
  • Reducing grid load at peak times and increasing asset utilization
  • Reducing fault location and service interruption time

SIPROTEC Function Point Manager

The energy sector requires for flexible, efficient and cost saving solutions. SIPROTEC Function Point Manager is a cloud-based application which enables SIPROTEC customers to centrally manage their function point budgets and assign function points to SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 5 Compact devices in order to extend their software functionality.

Customer benefits:

  • Independent – SIPROTEC function point budget usable for all SIPROTEC 5 device types 
  • Fast – Add and activate functionality quickly and easily using ad-hoc generated license files (DAF)
  • Flexibility – Specify SIPROTEC 5 and SIPROTEC 5 Compact functions late in the engineering process
  • Free cash – Order now, pay later: Function points will be invoiced only when you download license files
  • Reduced capital employed – Order and stock SIPROTEC universal protection relays devices independently from functions 

Economic Efficiency

Distribution system operators and municipal utilities are under considerable cost pressure. They need solutions that increase efficiency and save costs at the same time in order to improve investments and operating costs. Consistent use of the possibilities offered by digitalization and the Internet of Things over the entire life cycle, from planning to maintenance, can sustainably reduce this pressure. System operation becomes more efficient, processes become significantly more efficient, and new value streams and business models can emerge.

  • Retrofit and enhancement services
  • Virtual testing and simulation
  • IoT-applications for asset and grid monitoring
  • Intelligent, digital and sustainable switchgear
  • Efficient data analytics and management for distribution grids
  • Reduction of costs of ownership while improving operational reliability
  • Easy adaptation to changing grid conditions
  • Fast monitoring of asset and system status and fault analysis
  • Increased cost efficiency and availability of smart grids
  • Better service quality through predictive maintenance

Transparency increases efficiency

Energy markets are becoming increasingly complex and require intelligent solutions and actions. The IoT applications of the Grid Diagnostic Suite help grid operators to manage the increasing complexity of their power grids. The collected data from the installed field devices is stored and analyzed in the central cloud. Users can easily consolidate, visualize and evaluate the data with the applications:

  • SIPROTEC Dashboard - Monitors status of protection relays
  • SICAM Navigator - Monitors the operational status of transformer stations (cable network)
  • SICAM Localizer - Monitors overhead lines
  • PQ Advisor Premium – Monitors PQ characteristics of grids

Customer benefits:

  • Fast monitoring of energy automation system status
  • Increases cost efficiency and availability of smart grids
  • Enables predictive maintenance and increases service quality

8DJH 24 & NXPLUS C 24 – blue GIS switchgear

In power distribution, sustainability and digitalization plays an important part. The environmentally friendly, future-proof blue GIS portfolio uses Clean Air – consisting of natural components of the ambient air – as insulating medium, and switching is based on the proven Siemens vacuum technology. It also includes the latest automation functions, sensors, and communication features to meet future digitalization demands.

Customer benefits:

  • Climate-neutral Clean Air insualtion - free of fluorinated gases and chemical additives.
  • Switching principle based on proven and reliable vacuum technology.
  • All known GIS benefits enhanced with intelligent and digital solutions.

Integration and management of distributed energy resources

The number of distributed generation systems, energy market players, and electric vehicles continues to grow – making it ever more complex to successfully manage the energy landscape. All these developments are also putting a burden on the grids. IT-assisted diagnostics and data management, intelligent processes, and smart assets help maintain grid stability despite large fluctuations in generation and load volumes through automated, adaptive processes.

  • Planning of urban energy systems
  • Smart scoping of infrastructure
  • eMobility consulting and solutions
  • Grid edge software to manage DER
  • Sustainable integration of new loads, prosumers, DER and storage 
  • Create added value from your infrastructure
  • Optimized grid concepts which allow for a higher grid utilization and an improved grid performance
  • Intelligently integrated eMobility
  • Cost optimization and new revenue streams

Charging the evolution of eMobility

We are on the cusp of a transformation in mobility. The growth in electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and energy management is reshaping the way vehicles are powered and how people and goods are moved.


  • eMobility will be intelligently integrated into the grid, making use of energy from local and renewable sources.
  • Infrastructure will be integrated into environments, charging points will be readily available and easily accessible.
  • Charging will be fast – so that people’s lives and journeys are not delayed.

Customer benefits:

We are offering state-of-the-art solutions that go beyond the initial charging station. Our vision encompasses your complete system, your eMobility world.

Sustainable energy transition 

The amount of DERs is growing sevenfold from 2020-2030. A massive growth of renewable energy generation meets an increase of unpredictable loads, e.g. eMobility. Grid Edge software helps you to manage your DERs with DEOP and to set up an e-charging infrastructure with E-Car OC.

Customer benefits:


  • Transparency and Monitoring of DER 
  • Cost optimization: Easy reporting of KPIs
  • Revenue generation: participation in energy markets 
  • Enables you to set up your own VPP

E-Car OC:

  • Scalable, open, and adaptable
  • Maximized cashflow
  • Load management
Energy transition

The new era of grid operation has already begun

Decarbonized, decentralized, and digitalized grids will characterize the future of energy. Discover how new solutions and various lighthouse projects are making distribution grid operators and utility companies more independent, flexible, and more profitable.