Reliable gas turbines

Aeroderivative, industrial and heavy-duty gas turbines up to 593 MW

Whatever your business challenges may be, our gas turbines are precisely designed to master the dynamic energy market environment. Low lifecycle costs and an excellent return on investment right from the start are just two of the benefits that our gas turbine portfolio offers. Our gas turbines fulfill the high requirements of a wide spectrum of applications in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility and environmental compatibility.   Choose from our product range of heavy-duty, industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines, ranging up to 593 MW. Depending on your requirements, Siemens provides the right solution and scope for your market-specific needs.

Heavy-duty gas turbines

Heavy-duty gas turbines

Siemens heavy-duty gas turbines are robust and flexible engines, designed for large simple or combined cycle power plants. They are suitable for peak, intermediate, or base load duty, as well as for cogeneration applications. Customers benefit from our extensive validation and testing capabilities. Our engines are proven in commercial operation and provide outstanding efficiency.

(Power generation in MW(e))

Industrial gas turbines

Industrial gas turbines

Siemens industrial gas turbine models with their compact and rugged design make them an ideal choice for both industrial power generation and mechanical drive applications. They also perform well in decentralized power generation applications. Their high steam-raising capabilities help achieve overall plant efficiency of 80 percent or higher. They are proven with more than 2,250 units sold at small utilities, independent power producers, and in the oil and gas industry.

(Power generation in MW(e) / mechanical drive in MW)

KG2 (< 2MW)

Aeroderivative gas turbines

Aeroderivative gas turbines

Originally developed for use in aviation, Siemens aeroderivative gas turbines are flexible, compact, and lightweight designs that are ideally suited for power generation and mechanical drives in the oil and gas industry. Their high efficiency and fast start capabilities mean that our aeroderivative gas turbines also perform well in decentralized power generation applications. With a fleet of 2,500 installed units, millions of operation hours in different environments have been generated in numerous reference projects.

(Power generation in MW(e) / mechanical drive in MW)

SGT-A45 TR | 44 MW

SGT-A45 | 44 MW

Gas turbines for oil and gas applications

Gas turbines for oil and gas applications

Oil and gas will continue to be the backbone of the global energy supply, and natural gas will become even more important in decades to come. With Siemens as a partner, you benefit from proven expertise and experience in oil and gas applications.

For power generation in upstream, midstream and downstream applications as well as mechanical drives for compressors and pumps, Siemens gas turbines are proven and trusted in the industry. Since many years, they ensure outstanding reliability for oil and gas production and processing as well as pipeline, LNG and refinery applications.

Onshore production

Offshore floating (FSPO, FLNG)

Refining / petrochemical

Onshore pipeline

Offshore fixed


Gas turbines for industrial power generation

Gas turbines for industrial power generation

Benefit from our expertise and experience in industrial power generation: Siemens gas turbines can be used for power generation and cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power, CHP) in many industries, such as the chemical and fiber, cement, metals and mining, as well as other manufacturing industries.

Our engines ensure an uninterrupted supply of power and heat, high energy efficiency, low energy costs and a high return on investment.

Chemical / Rubber & Plastics

Buildings & Infrastructure

Food & Beverage / Palm oil

Pulp & Paper

Metals / Ceramics & Glass

Cement / Mining & Minerals

Manufacturing industries / Industrial parks

Fibers & Textile

Gas turbines for power production

Gas turbines for power production

Siemens is as a trusted project partner for utilities, municipalities and independent power producers. Our gas turbines are the heart of the most modern and efficient power plants.

They provide low power generation costs, flexible and short start-up times as well as high efficiency, and will make your business even more profitable.



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