Fast Power for South Africa

South Africa needs to look at a diversified energy ecosystem, which is critical to the country’s development and sustainability. To address the need for fast power, Siemens has developed its Fast Power solutions which are designed to provide electricity within a short time period of 6 months or less.
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Tough challenges

Urgently needed power

When business and industries are able to access electricity as required and perform at their optimum, they are able to contribute positively towards the country’s sustainable and economic growth. Plagued by power cuts and with its infrastructure in desperate need of revamping, South Africa needs to urgently implement more innovative energy solutions and fast. The Siemens Fast Track Power solutions can provide fast, reliable emergency power to enable South Africa to reach its full potential.
Now is the time for industrial companies to consider fast power solutions generating power in less than 6 months.
Mark Van Antwerp, Sales Vice President, Power and Gas at Siemens
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An ingenious solution

Fast and reliable electricity deployment

To address the need for fast power, Siemens has developed its Fast Power portfolio. These solutions are designed to provide electricity in six months or less and are tailored to the needs of rapidly developing countries. Our focus is to address diverse customer requirements – from mobile, self-contained units with very fast deployment and installation for the most urgent needs to highly standardized gas turbine packages for both new power plants and quick upgrades of existing plants.

How do I get immediate power to the grid?

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Our solutions for Fast Power

Powerful engines for efficient, reliable and flexible operation

Convincing benefits

Fast, reliable, and economical

Fast Power solutions from Siemens enable feed into the grid in just six months after contract signing. In addition to receiving a power plant very quickly, customers also profit from a reliable, state-of-the-art solution that’s based on proven technology. Our Fast Power solution also delivers an economical power supply. Our mobile and modularized solutions for areas with weak infrastructure reduce the need for expensive and complex preparation work to an absolute minimum.
Electricity is one of the building blocks of  Industry 4.0 - ensure affordable and reliable supply of electricity through Fast Power solutions. 
Edwin Du Preez, Sales Manager Power & Gas

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With over 100 years of experience in power generation, today Siemens is one of the leading companies worldwide for reliable gas turbine solutions. With our new Fast Power portfolio, we can now offer a reliable and economical solution to meet the growing demand for additional short-term generation capacities.

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