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Digital Industries Training Academy              -Training courses taught by experienced, certified experts from Siemens

All of us want to learn from the best and SITRAIN personal’s training courses let you benefit from our well-practiced trainers’ expert knowledge, along with direct access to our training equipment. That’s the best way to convey knowledge – whether on-site at your company or in our training centers.

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Factory Automation (PLC Training)

To help with the digital transformation, we offer courses and learning tracks for all aspects of SIMATIC. The emphasis is on training for SIMATIC S7 service and programming. Besides directly addressing the SIMATIC S7-1500 in the TIA Portal and the SIMATIC S7-300 based on SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.x, the training also has content on programming languages, operator control and monitoring systems, drive technology, industrial communications and safety technology.

Training is available for these systems: 

SIMATIC S7-1500, TIA Portal, SIMATIC S7-300/400, SIMATIC S7-1200

Drives and switchgear courses

Drives & Switchgear

The SITRAIN range of courses for SINAMICS converters offers thorough, detailed knowledge and practical exercises for both beginners and advanced users.

Training is available for these systems: 

SINAMICS S120 and SINAMICS G120 low-voltage converters, SINAMICS G130 / G150 / G180 / S150, SINAMICS medium-voltage converters and SIMOTICS


SIMATIC PCS7 Process Control System

Our SIMATIC PCS 7 courses teach fundamental information and thorough, detailed knowledge for both beginners and advanced users. Additionally, all SITRAIN courses include an extensive range of practical exercises so that learners can work intensively and directly on SIMATIC PCS 7 training devices in small groups.

Training is available for these systems:


Digital Enterprise Courses

Digital Enterprise

Getting onto the market faster and responding more flexibly to market changes – those are the challenges that industry faces today. Merging the real and digital worlds opens up countless opportunities. 

With SITRAIN, you’ll find the technical and digital expertise to implement digital performance all along the value chain.

Industrial Networking Courses

Industrial Communications

In SITRAIN communication courses, you’ll learn how to use industrial communication components efficiently for your solutions.

Training is available for these systems:

PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Industrial Ethernet, Industrial Remote Communication

HMI Courses

Operator Control and Monitoring (WinCC & Operator Panels)

Siemens Human Machine Interface products are the intelligent answer to the increasingly complex processes in machines and systems. The individual components can be integrated perfectly into your automated plant, using open, standardized interfaces in both hardware and software.

SITRAIN supports you in developing a detailed knowledge, but also provides important information about complex contexts.

Training is available for these systems:

SIMATIC WinCC in the TIA Portal, SIMATIC WinCC, SIMATIC WinCC flexible

Process Instrumentation Courses

Process Instrumentation

Process instruments for pressure, temperature, flow, and fill measurement form an essential part of any system to automate industrial processes. Pneumatic valve positioners, process controllers and recorders, and process monitoring devices round out the program.

Micro automation

Micro Automation (1200 CPU) TIA-Portal

When introducing the basic Controller SIMATIC S7-1200, the SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels and the TIA Portal Engineering Software Siemens replaced the traditional SIMATIC S7-200 Micro Automation product portfolio by the new "Basic" product line.
Basic Controllers, Basic Panels as well as the Basic-Versions of STEP 7 and WinCC in the TIA Portal meet all the requirements for products in the Micro Automation sector. The know-how acquired in our courses will enable you to implement automation applications in your plant efficiently. 

Xcelerator Academy

PLM Software Courses

Xcelerator Academy

We offer comprehensive training in Virtual Product Development, Product Lifecycle Management and Test & Measurement.

Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP)

Making tomorrow’s workforce fit for the future of industry

The Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) combines the German dual education system with Siemens’ in-house know-how. It prepares students to work their way into a new system, and by means of the troubleshooting strategies which they learn, they are able to transfer their knowledge and expertise easily to another system. Students with an SMSCP certification are employees who are flexible, autonomous, and professional in his or her dealings with such complex systems.

SITRAIN Access - Taking E-learning to the next level

SITRAIN access is learning in the digital age. It offers you individualized ways to build your knowledge, and access to exclusive digital training courses. Take advantage of sustainable learning success with a wide range of learning methods. Improve your skills – whether working in groups with others, or by yourself. Whenever, wherever and however you need to.

Interactive Trainer Led Online Courses

Interactive Trainer Led Online Courses are specifically designed for people who cannot attand face to face training. This is an option for remote participants but full practical exercises included. 

SITRAIN access – the digital learning platform

SITRAIN access is the digital learning platform for industry. It’s online, flexible, continuous, and personalized. SITRAIN access is available anytime, anywhere, and can be used on any device, such as via a mobile app. Its modular structure divides the content into easy-to-follow “learning nuggets” and includes checkpoints to monitor your achievements. Constant additions to the content of SITRAIN access, together with the ability to complete practical exercises and monitor your progress, enable sustainable learning 

whenever and wherever you want it.

SITRAIN access website

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Online, web based, interactive, instructor led training

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SITRAIN Learning Journey

The perfect combination for a sustainable learning success

• The content is optimally conveyed and consolidated over several weeks through the mixture of guided live modules and independent self-learning modules.

• A learning membership for developing the self-learning modules and for accessing on-demand content is included.

• The SITRAIN learning consultant is of course available during the live modules, but also for questions and one-on-one discussions during coaching sessions.

• Due to the modular structure, the learning units can be ideally integrated into everyday working life and adapted to your own learning pace.

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