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National SMART Meter Rollout: SMETS2

Did you know? The Government has set a target of installing over 53 million smart meters in over 30 million premises by the end of 2020 but its not just households that are affected, its businesses too.  Find out what this means for your business.

How we can help you with your energy management?

Accurate data + powerful analytics + actionable insight = impactful energy solutions

For over 170 years, Siemens has pioneered new technologies and business models, constantly evolving to shape the future of the industries we operate in. Today, we are reshaping the future of energy management. From driving industry regulation change, to helping deliver the smart meter roll out; from meter installation to on-going asset operation and from cloud energy optimisation platforms to one-on-one expert advice. Whatever your need, our range of impactful energy solutions can help.

How can metering services help my organisation?

Our Head of Sales, Jon Turner, talks about how Siemens can help business energy users save money, time and energy.

Keeping your costs under control

Siemens understands that energy can make up a significant proportion of a businesses operating cost and that keeping operating costs in control is not just important, it's essential. We understand that your core business is probably not energy management and that, whilst important, your core focus is making your business better. That's why we we've designed our services around you; our products are simple to understand, easy to procure and effective.

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Being fully accredited by Elexon and independent of energy suppliers, Siemens is able to install all types of metering (including fiscal, AMR, SMETS 1&2 and sub-metering) for all utilities including gas, electric, water and heat on your behalf. Once installed, we can remotely collect your meter data and pass it on to all relevent parties, such as yourself and your energy supplier. Data quality is of the highest priority to Siemens and we always aim to exceed industry standards. We continuously monitor data quality and if we identify any issues with the meter, we can immediately arrange for it to be fixed - One of the big benefits of being both a Meter Operator and a Data Collector. 


Measuring done. Now on to improvement. Retrieving data is only part of the solution, without a way to filter out the useful data from the rest, it's very difficult to improve it; thats where our energy management software, Vestigo and our in house Energy Bureau come in. Vestigo is designed to be simple to use, with intuitive features to provide you with the essential tools to drive energy efficiency, reduce costs and comply with industry legislation. Vestigo is great at filtering the important information from the noise. One way it does this is be producing alarms when excess consumption is detected, these alarms are then investigated by our Bureau team to highligh saving opportunities. 


What our clients say about us

We take the time to understand our customers and provide services which are tailored to customer's specific needs. This is why people all over the world rely on Siemens to help power their businesses.


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